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Recorded Training Calls

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Week 1  - Hosted by Kelly Fuller, NVP

*  Why RSD is important  and why we set a 30 day goal.
*  Jumping in with both feet and how "I can always quit" damages your ability to succeed.
*  Why is a "WHY" so important
*  Removing distractions from your work time
*  What excuses disguise themselves as.
*  To begin working on their 50 conversations worksheet
*  DO ONE "OUT OF THE BOX" Thing for their business this week
to write down what's working and what isn't and chuck the stuff that isn't working.

This camp is about taking ownership of their own business.

Meeting Notes:  Transcribed by Marjorie Toor
Regional Sales Director

RSD Regional Sales Director
Your first leadership position in Ameriplan, our first pin level. Just beginning to study the art of learning how to train your team.

What do you need to get there? You need $300 of monthly revenue (MR) that you have generated for the company. (Registration fees don't count.)  During this month's promotion you get full MR credit for their enrollment. Example: This month you ad 2 at the $40 level which will give you the $300 MR because of the promotion. Any other time you have to have actual $300 in MR which can be sales of IBO positions or any of the benefits we offer. Any combination will do.

When you become an RSD your commission is will-able.

The goal of this Bootcamp training is to see you reach RSD in one month. (Hopefully this month.)

This is a 4 week camp to get you started on the right track to build a solid foundation of you business.

You are the one that determines whether or not you succeed in this business.  Are you someone that says, 'I will give it a try' or 'My upline isn't calling me' I don't have any time" "I don't know what to do"
Why are some people successful and some are not. It is totally up to you to be successful or not. If you are going at this thinking 'I can always bail if it doesn't work" you are setting yourself up for failure.

Accept that you more than likely know what to do than not. Most of the time when you say you don't know what to do is out of fear of getting started. Building your business comes from having conversations with your prospects.

Janie and Kelly are always available to help you if you have questions and your direct upline isn't helping you. This is your business so if you need a question answered and aren't getting the information you want, ask the NVP's. They are more than happy to assist.

NO TIME TO BUILD THIS BUSINESS excuse. You need to want it bad enough to put the time aside. Sacrifices now will pay off grandly in the future. If you can only find 10 hours a week that's fine. Just make sure you are spending that time doing things to build your business.
If you are putting in the effort it's only a matter of time as to when you are going to be successful and not if you will be successful.

There is bonus money to make your income a bit better. If you don't make RSD in 30 days that's ok. The important thing is that you don't quit.

There will be a website with the recordings of the calls, the homework assignments etc. The website address is:


To do this in 30 days you need to be focused on your business. You need to turn off the TV to devote your time to building your business. Make sure you have at least 10 hours a week to set aside to build this business.
In 2-3 years you can have a 6 figure income if you work your business consistently.

On the website there is a 50 conversation list. The goal is for you to have 100 conversations with your leads.  Put where that lead came from, their phone number, email address and what the outcome of the conversation was.

This is a chart for 50 FULL conversations, not half of them or someone that hangs up on you half way through the  call. If you have 100 full conversations you WILL sign on enough business to be an RSD.

We need to be in conversations 80% of our time talking to prospects. That means that out of a 10 hour day you need to spend 8 hours of that talking to people.
19% of your time teaching your people in your organization. You need to train your people to be able to train their people so don't coddle them by doing everything for them. Send them assignments and work with the willing and the people that are excited.

What is your "WHY" for doing this business? Money isn't really your why, it's what you can do with the money so you need to have clarity as to why you are doing this. These are the steps that you need to take to reach your goal.

RSD is your first step to reaching your other goals in Ameriplan. Your next goal is SRSD Senior Regional Sales Director which is when you get 3 of your people trained to become an RSD.

The bootcamp is 4 weeks long. Half by next week will not be on the call. We had 350 register for the bootcamp and 150 showed up to the call. You are already the people who have risen to the  top of the people that orginally wanted to be on this call and do bootcamp. You will have more chance to become an RSD than the others.
Those that show up go up.

Have 5 full conversations a day, 25 a week. By writing your numbers down on the worksheet you will find out how many people you have to talk to to get an enrollment. Kelly talked to about 100 people before she signed her first IBO but she NEVER had to talk to 100 people again to get an enrollment because she had practiced her conversations over and over.
Make your time count. Don't hesitate to ask for the enrollment. If you don't ask it will always be a 'NO'. Just say 'You seem like you will be a great at this. How do you feel about becoming a part of the team?" Then STOP TALKING! Let them speak next.

Your conversion ratio will get better and better over time. It will get easier and easier over time.

Be prepared. Assume that someone is going to say yes. Make each conversation sound fresh, make them feel important and the information new and exciting.

Make your voicemail professional so when your prospect calls they want to leave a message.

When you are leaving a message, make sure you speak clearly so they know what you are saying. Repeat your phone number a couple of times so they don't have to re listen to your calls. Be happy when you leave a message. They want to respond to a happy person. Make sure your questions have a beginning and an end. Ask questions of them to build a rapport. Make sure they know that they can rely on you and you can help them get to where they want to go.

Write down for yourself what is working for you and what isn't. This is your starting point to mastering your presentation. The 'what isn't working' is so you can improve on them.

Think outside what is normal for you in this business. Making the first call, putting in the real 10 hours, doing a face to face presentation, take flyers with you where ever you go and leave them at places you go on a day to day basis.

RSD camp is for people that are serious about building your business. Put your stake in the ground and say 'I am going to be an RSD by the end of this month." I am going to do whatever it takes to be a success in this business. Leave the excuses at the door.

What you put in to it is what you get out of it.

This is a business that you can build a full time income with.

Since starting her business, Kelly has become a single mother that was able to reach NVP by being consistent and never quitting and was able to stay home with her kids.

The key to success is being consistent and be willing to build the business. You are the cream of the crop because you are here to work on your business.